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Betsy Anorbe specializes in streamlining the selling process for property
owners in Washington State. She prides herself on providing you with a fast, profitable, no-hassle selling experience.

Having purchased her first property at 19 years old, Betsy fell in love with real estate early and has dedicated
herself to helping others reach their real estate goals. She understands the value of property ownership, and
she is passionate about helping homeowners like you maximize the profitability of their homes.
Her personalized service is designed to generate to-dollar offers fast.

Betsy’s service starts with a customized marketing plan. This plan includes a recommended pricing strategy,
which uses data from recent home sales to help you price the property correctly under changing market
conditions. The plan also includes ideas for quickly and affordably increasing your property value before taking
the property to market. And, finally, the plan details the many marketing channels and tactics that Betsy uses to
reach buyers who are willing to pay top dollar for your house.

Betsy covers all marketing and advertising costs for you, including professional listing photos to help your
home stand out. And when a qualified buyer makes an offer, Betsy will negotiate aggressively on your behalf to
get you the best price and terms possible.

Having completed so many real estate transactions over her decade-long real career, Betsy is an expert at
navigating the escrow process. You will be able to focus on packing and planning for your move while Betsy
works with a team of surveyors, escrow officers, and title reps until the deal is done.

But Betsy’s work isn’t done when the deal closes. She will continue to be available to you whenever you have
questions about the market in general, buying a new home, or buying an income-generating investment
property. You will always have a responsive industry insider in your corner with Betsy!

Born and raised in Skagit County, Betsy has chosen to raise her children in Skagit County with her husband.
They love the close-knit community, the naturally beautiful scenery, and the fresh mountain air. You can often
find them boating on Samish Lake, shopping at the local boutiques, and enjoying the local restaurants. As a
member of Rotaract, an Ambassador for the Mount Vernon Chamber of Commerce, and a local real estate
investor, Betsy has a vested interest in this community, and she is proud to contribute to our collective local  growth.

Whether you’re ready to sell a house now or you just have questions about the process, contact Betsy today
for a friendly, no-obligation consultation, complete with a custom marketing plan. She can show you how to
maximize your home’s profitability while minimizing the hassle of selling.

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